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BV Gourmet Tomato Chutney Sauce

A classic old fashioned tomato sauce, made in house and good with just about everything. Even the kids love it! 250ml

BV Gourmet Classic Plum Sauce

If you like Plum sauce, this house made option has that true tangy flavour and rich plum colour. This is the perfect rich meat or sausage sauce. 250ml

BV Gourmet Plum + Rhubarb Relish

The perfect relish for almost everything ... it loves pork, chicken and blue cheese. 350gm

Manaaki Horopito and Lemon Sauce

Locally made here in Marlborough, Manaaki’s Horopito and Lemon Sauce is a lively sauce that can be used as an alternative to hollandaise. It is the perfect companion for seafood, drizzled over summer salads, new potatoes, and fresh in-season asparagus. 200gm

Boom Fermented Hot Sauce

Locally made here in Marlborough. 150ml

Stabler & Steel Black

Stabler & Steel Black is a wonderfully savoury/sweet/punchy sauce that is best used on eggs, tomatoes, in casseroles, on pies or with your fish and chips. It is great in a Bloody Mary or on oysters. An incredibly versatile NZ Made sauce! 250ml

Culley’s F*CK Me That’s Hot Sauce

This aptly named, super-hot creation combines the sweetness from fresh kiwifruit with NZ grown Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper Peppers. Not for the faint hearted. 150ml

Boom Fermented Habanero Hot Sauce

Locally made here in Marlborough. 150ml

Boom Habanero Ketchup

Locally made product. 300ml

Al Wadi Pomegranate Molasses

Pomegranate Molasses can be used as an ingredient or as a condiment. It enhances the taste of salads, sauces, poultry and fish. 410gm

Lillies Q Gold BBQ Sauce

There's deep roots in this sauce. Grandma Lillie uses a mustard base to give this tangy South Carolina sauce its golden hue, calling to mind the region's German heritage. A bite of pepper makes CAROLINA GOLD the perfect match for pork and chicken.

Lillies Q Hot Smoky BBQ Sauce

This Memphis-style fire starter is sweet up front, but finishes with plenty of heat. With enough brown sugar to caramelise when cooked it is perfect for slow cooked ribs or as a cold condiment on a sausage at the summer BBQ!

Lillies Q Bourbon Barrel Aged Smoky Sauce

Aged six months in a Kentucky bourbon barrel, it has just the right hints of brown sugar and smoke to give it a handcrafted, small batch warmth. Use it on ribs, chicken, pork or brisket or just about anything!

Eddy's French Dressing

Possibly our most popular dressing, Eddy's French Dressing is a delicious blend of sweet, savoury and zingy flavours. Ideal on salads or poured over leftovers.