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BV Gourmet Beetroot + Mushroom Bolognese

A perfectly hearty and wholesome meat free sauce to serve over pasta of choice. Vegan friendly.

BV Gourmet Moroccan Lamb Tagine

An intensely flavoured one pot Moroccan dish with lamb, chickpeas and dried fruits. Ideally serve with couscous or rice.

BV Gourmet Black Bean + Quinoa Burger Patties - 6 pack

Wholesome, clean and nutritious burger patties that offer loads of protein and fiber. Vegan friendly.

BV Gourmet Beef Massaman Curry

Mild Thai style beef and potato curry that is rich and fragrant. Served with rice (Note this dish contains peanuts)

BV Gourmet Beef Bourguignon

A french classic loved worldwide and one of our most popular dishes. What's not to love about beef, bacon, mushrooms and red wine braised until tender.

BV Gourmet Chicken Marbella

An iconic favourite .Moist marinated chicken pieces, with the distinct flavours of prunes, green olives and capers.

BV Gourmet Chicken, Mushroom + Bacon Casserole

A tasty broth based casserole that is perfect served with rice or potato mash.

BV Gourmet Tomato Chutney Sauce

A classic old fashioned tomato sauce, made in house and good with just about everything. Even the kids love it! 250ml

BV Gourmet Classic Plum Sauce

If you like Plum sauce, this house made option has that true tangy flavour and rich plum colour. This is the perfect rich meat or sausage sauce. 250ml

BV Fig + Lemon Relish

Sweet, sticky and chunky relish that works well with most cheeses .... or try it with Roast chicken or pork. 350gm

BV Gourmet Gooseberry Relish

Old fashioned gooseberries & elderflower makes an amazing accompaniment to cheeses, especially goats cheese, poultry or pork. 350gm

BV Gourmet Grapefruit + Vanilla Marmalade

A touch of real vanilla transforms a classic marmalade into this delicious preserve to spread on your morning toast or crumpets. Also great to serve with soft cheeses, or as a glaze for desserts, baking, or ham. 350gm

La Chiva Frozen Arepas

South America cornmeal pockets made of ground maize dough. Completely gluten-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free and 100% natural and organic. Easy to cook just put in the toaster twice or in the BBQ until crispy or hot. Proudly made in NZ

Wild Chef - Hash Sticks

These fantastic Hash Sticks are made from our popular Hash Brown recipe and real crowd pleasers. Made from freshly grated and locally source Agria potato, salt & pepper – and an ideal menu solution as an alternative to using pasta, rice, potato mash etc. As pre-fried makes them so quick and easy to pop in the oven for a Snack or quick dinner side solution. As they are sticks and simply potato a popular side for children’s meals – and especially helpful also being GF, DF, Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-Based.

Wild Chef - Polenta Fries

These versatile Polenta Fries offer a new and exciting sensory delight with their creamy center and delicious outer crunch. Made with just Polenta and a hint of salt – come pre-fried so you can just pop them in your oven straight from the freezer. Fantastic either for snacks or as part of a side for any meal of the day. Traditionally served with freshly grated parmesan cheese – impress your friends and family by serving these up with a chipotle sauce or aioli…delicious!