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St Andrews Limes Spicy Glaze

This condiment is a reduction of lime juice, garlic, chilli and fish sauce and can be used as a marinade, with chicken and/or fish or as an Asian style dressing over salad or in a stir fry. It has been known to taste delicious over an Asian style coleslaw with salt and pepper squid. 300ml

Noble Tonic 02 Maple Syrup

Noble Tonic 02 is a maple syrup blended with Tahitian Vanilla Beans and Egyptian Chamomile Blossoms. Use with desserts and crepes or pour over your pancakes for a special treat. 450ml

Al Brown’s Old Yella Habanero Mustard

Originally developed for Al Brown’s restaurants, Old Yella is not overly hot, but definitely has a Habanero sting. Goes with anything! 250ml

St Andrews Limes Lemon Juice

Fresh juice squeezed and pasteurised, for longer life, from New Zealand Meyer Lemons. Ideal in a dessert, cup of hot lemon tea or as a cocktail mixer. 100% natural juice - no additives and no preservatives. 375ml

St Andrews Limes Lime Date Chutney

Bursting, big flavour leaving a note of chilli on the palette at the end. Use with camembert or blue cheese, or serve on the side of a curry. Add flavour to a ham and cheese toastie or spread over a cold sandwich. 300gm

Jenny’s Kitchen Tamarind Chutney

Handmade in small batches, Jenny’s Tamarind Chutney is a true Anglo-Indian chutney with exquisite depth of flavour. Its sweetness balances the natural sourness of the tamarind, while its beautiful spice creates a full flavour. Each pot is hand stirred and hand poured. 300ml

St Andrews Limes Saffron Lime Dressing

Drizzle over fish or salads. GF. 300ml

St Andrews Limes Lime Mustard Seed Dressing

This delicious Lime-driven dressing is a best seller. It is so versatile and dresses up any green salad, adds flavour to seared or roasted asparagus; or serve with avocado, fish and/or chicken. 300ml

Boom Apple Chilli Jelly

Locally produced here in Marlborough. 200gm

Noble Tonic 01 Maple Syrup

Noble Tonic 01 is a medium amber grade maple syrup from Quebec. Aged in a Tuthilltown Bourbon charred barrel, this syrup is imbued with hints of bourbon and oak. 450ml

BV Fig + Lemon Relish

Sweet, sticky and chunky relish that works well with most cheeses .... or try it with Roast chicken or pork. 350gm

BV Gourmet Gooseberry Relish

Old fashioned gooseberries & elderflower makes an amazing accompaniment to cheeses, especially goats cheese, poultry or pork. 350gm

Salsa Brava Chimchurri

Chimchurri sauce is a classic Argentinian dressing. 210gm

Manaaki Kamo Kamo Pickle

Locally made here in Marlborough, Kamo Kamo pickle is a tasty sweet and sour combo with a hint of turmeric and mustard. 200gm

St Andrews Limes Lime Curd

A condiment with an intense Lime flavour. Dollop through cream for a quick addition to any dessert or mix through natural yoghurt at breakfast. Serve as a delicious dip for fruit and/or on toast. GF. 250gm