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White Magic Eco Eraser

White Magic is a highly unique cleaning product that uses only water to erase stubborn marks. White Magic is a multi-purpose cleaner that effectively removes stubborn marks without the need for harmful chemical cleaners. White Magic can be used on any smooth and non-porous area of the home or office. Available in 2 Sizes - JUMBO 28x11x4 cm & SMALL 11x7x4 cm

White Magic - Eco cloth Stainless Steel

The White Magic Stainless Steel Eco Cloth is Australia’s No1 Stainless Steel Microfibre Cloth. It starts with the premium blend of Korean microfibre that is stronger, more absorbent and more aggressive for dirt pick up than cheaper Chinese microfibre. The cloths have aggressive yet gentle polyester scrubbers to clean both polished and brushed stainless steel without scratching. Perfect to cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances like Fridges, Microwaves, Kettles, Ovens and much more.

White Magic - Eco Cloth Glass & Window

The Glass & Window Eco Cloth leaves a streak free finish on any shiny surface without scratching and buffing the surface. From the mirrors, to the shower screens to the stainless steel fittings, this Eco Cloth is a perfect finishing cloth for that 5 Star hotel look.

White Magic - Eco Cloth General Purpose

The General Purpose Eco Cloth is the No.1 All Purpose Microfibre Cloth sold in Australia. It starts with a unique scrubbing side for stuck on mess and a flat side for wiping away loose debri. One of the most well known, best cloths on the market for wiping, dusting, polishing and overall cleaning mess all over the house.

White Magic - Eco Cloth Dust and Polish

Specially designed to both attract dust and polish surfaces. Perfect for cleaning delicate surfaces where you cannot use water. Made from microfibre

White Magic - Eco Cloth Oven Cooktop

The most aggressive eco cloth for scrubbing ovens and cooktops. The aggressive side is made from polyester film which will scrub but will not scratch delicate surfaces. The flat side is for finishing the job by picking up loosen grime and polishing.